My Twin My Heart My First Love

It’s been a long few months for my mom. She’s been in and out of the hospital. I’ve lost jobs because I’ve had to go home to Oklahoma and help my sisters take care of her. 

To me it’s a no brainer. That’s my mom. My heart. My first love. She’s everything to me. So I do what needed to be done. She’s my twin. 

As of March 10, 2015, 5 days before the day she gave birth to me, she lost her battle to sepsis shock and kidney failure. I made it home to spend her last 21hrs on this earth. She was surrounded by her remaining 3 children, her grandchildren, her remaining sister and lots of cousins and friends. 

She is dearly missed and not a day goes by that I won’t want to call her and tell her about my day or inquire about hers. After all she is my twin.

I love you mommy. 

Carolyn J. Barry 

Sunrise June 20, 1938- Sunset March 10, 2015

My Twin My Heart My First Love

Flowers & Leaves: Fashion Mood




IMG_1820-krystel-logolowThe photo shoots are of yesterday afternoon,but it seems autumn!!!

Everything I’m wearing was bought by Top Shop in London except the shoes that I bought at the store Zara Gatwick airport, ….as they say … “a buy on the fly”!

I love floral prints, hope you like it!


Le foto sono state scattate ieri ma sembra un paesaggio di autunno inoltrato. Tutto ciò che sto indossando è stato comprato da Top Shop a Londra tranne le scarpe che ho comprato da Zara in aeroporto a Gatwick,

come si dice…”un acquisto fatto al volo”!

Io adoro le stampe floreali,spero che questo outfit vi piaccia!

I'm wearing
Shoes:Zara,Short and T-Shirt Japonica of Top Shop,Collant:Golden Lady, 
Wide Brimmed-Hat:Artigiani italiani, Bag:Trussardi, Rings:Accessorize
My Make up
Foundation Lancome, Blush Lancome,Lip Gloss Chanel,Mascara Kiko

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For my Fellas…

Hey guys!

I try my best to give fashion advice to you as well so this blog is geared toward everyone… What I’m loving currently are Trench coats for you dapper gents!


I love everything about a classic trench! I think even with sweats and kicks it still brings a classic appeal to a man. Trenches come in all colors and lengths and I think men should go and try them on and see what best fits their personal style.

I love the 4 I posted but overall I’m partial to a classic style and color. Double breasted in Tan.


Make this a staple in your wardrobe! A MUST purchase!


I’ve been away…. Too long.

Hey everyone…

Apologies for my short absence! I’ve been working on several freelance gigs and I got a part-time gig styling window displays in my city… Which I really love! It’s pretty fun!

I do think the owner Bruce hired me because I’m short. 😳 I can literally stand up in the window at full height (5’2) and still have about 4in’s of head space! Lol The Perks of being Short or Petit!

But I’m getting more acclimated to my schedule and I’m back to blogging about my journey as a Stylist! Woot woot! So enjoy the up coming pieces!

Oh and New York Fashion week is like 3wks away so get ready for lots of entries!

StyledBySheilae Window and Mannequin displays!






Job Hunt

Storytime with John

Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to have a job?  And when I say job, I mean the thing you don’t really want, but get up most days to go to, and spend most of your life complaining about – yeah, that thing. I am not referring to dreams, callings, or purposes – I am talking about the “it’s just a job” jobs…the largely “just for the money” jobs.

(You know…the ones that destroy your soul, and make you feel completely replaceable).

Stars GIF

Apologies for the pessimistic tone! But I have been on the job hunt as it were, and so far I haven’t caught much…if this was in the wild sometime BC, and I was a caveman…well, yeah…the family would be going hungry right now. A lot of things have just went wrong, or at least haven’t turned out right – whilst others have been an undeniable travesty.


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